Day 3 at the Medcup Portugal in Portimao

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No racing on day 3. In fact, we had no sailing at all on day 3. What we had instead was plenty of waiting inshore inside the air-conditioned tent. The race committee patiently waited for a stable wind suitable for racing, but after our long wait there just wasn’t anything to work with.

So it was in the tent where we spent the day. These days are pretty valuable because a whole top end slice of our industry is stationary in the same place with time to kill. So meetings, and chats fill up everyone’s day.

The forecast is light again for day 4 so there is a good chance that we will have no more racing. That would be a shame because I think we can build on our Medcup lead and potentially win the regatta here in Portimao as well. For sure what we don’t want however is a race in light unstable wind that turns into a lottery. So stand by, we’ll see what happens.

Patrick Shaughnessy