Day 2 at the Medcup Portugal in Portimao

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Day 2 was a good big picture day for us on the Roma. I say that because although we are still 1 point out of first for the regatta, we’ve moved back into the Medcup lead by 1 point. So a positive day when viewed in terms of overall goals.

The fleet was held inshore for a while waiting for the breeze to build today. Once the AP was lowered we were one of the first boats off the dock and eager to get into some practice sailing. Before our warning we were able to accomplish a good amount of upwind work, a set, a nice downwind session, and also some time on distance work. Our practice was in a slowly building breeze of 10-12 knots.

Race 4 was started in 12-14 knots, and we had a good start which we were able to extend slightly into a 1st place position at the top mark. The wind built into the run and was now up to 15-17 which is right about where the effort level gets big. At the bottom of the run we were set up for a right hand “kiwi” drop and had a last minute change to an “easy” left. Only the easy part didn’t quite happen because Endessa snuck in for room at the left mark which added plenty of excitement between the two Latin tempered teams. The boats were quite close and protest flags flew. After the rounding we were able to force them off our hip and re-establish a lead which we held onto for the remainder of the race. Puerto Calero had a bad 5th place race, and so the point swing for the Medcup was starting.

The between race “grande casino” was again time short, as the 52’s were off on a coastal race. Our workload was reduced slightly because we re-used the same A2 on both runs. All cleaned up we were ready for race 5 with plenty of time to spare.

Race 5 started in 14-16 knots and built to near 18. We had an OK start and did fine on the beat to end up second at the topmark. We we’re a bit divided in our attention between battling with Endessa for the race lead, and covering Puerto Calero for the Medcup lead. In the end we gave up a position on the 1st run, and another on the 2nd beat. In our battle to cover Puerto Calero we also drew their anger when they perceived that we tacked too close on a leebow however the on the water jury decided no penalty was due. We kept our cover on Puerto Calero to finish ahead of them in 4th place. A disappointing waste of opportunity to build a lead in the big battle but a point gained never the less on our main rival for the Medcup.

No protests were heard onshore so the races counted as the finished which is always the best way for our sport to work. The on the water judge is a big help to resolve the majority of the protest opportunities before they reach land. I think this also helps to keep the shore more a friendly place where we all can relax a bit.

For me, many of the maneuvers were quite tight timing wise so I had plenty on. With my fingers taped together after the dislocation yesterday I was at a bit of a disadvantage in grip on my left hand, but the pain was low in the heat of the battle. All good fun.

Light forecast for days 3, and 4 so hopefully we will get to test some of FYD’s promising light air improvement work.

Patrick Shaughnessy