KWRW 2012 - Day 1 Racing - Farr 400 Class

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Day 1 report from Emerson Smith sailing on Sled Shelhorse's Farr 400 MERIDIAN X...

Well the weather forecasters got it right today. They predicted a similar day to yesterday in terms of wind speeds and we got it. Winds were anywhere from 15-20 knots with gusts a bit higher. The key to the day would be avoiding the big mistakes.

The first race of the day for the Farr 400's started just before lunch. It was a clean start with most of the fleet digging into the left. True to one-design form, all 5 boats reached the weather mark within a minute of each other. We had a clean set and the fun really started. Like yesterday, the speedo was camped out around 18 knots with trips into the low 20s. On Meridian X we had a clean race and crossed the line in 2nd.

For race 2 the race committee called for a 5 leg course (finish upwind). On the second downwind, while in 3rd, and having a pretty good run, our big mistake of the day came. We were hit by surprisingly powerful gust which put us into a broach. While recovering we lost the use of our starboard wheel. We proceeded to hookup the back up tiller and steered the rest of the race (1 upwind leg) with that. All in all, our mistake didn't hurt as much as some others and we finished 3rd in the race.
Our 2,3 on the day is good for a share of second place with the tie-breaker going against us. Congratulations to RED, who scored a 1,1 today and are 3 points clear of the next boats.

We have our work list for the afternoon but nothing that will prevent us from sailing tomorrow. The forecast calls for a bit less breeze and I'd imagine the racing will tighten up even more.