Bavaria – What a Yard!

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I’ve just returned from a visit to the Bavaria factory in Germany, where prototyping for the new Cruiser 45 is in full-swing. What an exciting time to be at a boat yard! During the four days I was just at the factory, hull #1 was laminated, a plywood mock-up of the structural grid was installed, and the interior mock-up was just starting to get put into place. As Farr Yacht Design’s internal project manager for the 45, it was a very rewarding experience to be on-site as the design begins the transition from drawings/models to an actual, full-size yacht.

Farr Yacht Design has been working with Bavaria for about 18 months now, and in that relatively short time we’ve already seen the launch of two brand new models of our design. The Cruiser 55, launched in May 2009, serves as the flagship of Bavaria’s new cruising line of sailboats. This was quickly followed by the launch of the Cruiser 32 in August, capping the opposite end of the range for the new cruising line. The Cruiser 45, due to launch in January 2010, blends elements of the two previous models to form the cornerstone model in the middle of the range.

The high speed development of new production models requires close collaboration between an experienced and resourceful boat builder and a design group capable of assembling detailed high quality design information on a tight time line. This is certainly an accurate description of FYD’s relationship with Bavaria. FYD supplies Bavaria full design and engineering services. Our scope of work includes detailed 2D construction drawings and complete 3D geometry of the hull, deck, internal structure, appendages, and associated custom parts. While most of our design work is performed in the office, a significant amount of time is dedicated to working in the factory, side by side with Bavaria’s builders and production engineers. This close collaboration is what allows FYD and Bavaria to share design and production ideas, with the common goal of achieving a well-engineered, economical, production-friendly yacht.

Chris Cochran