Race day 1 at the Medcup Murcia in Cartagena

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Still nothing. The race committee held us ashore until 2pm. We went out and did a bit of sailing around in unstable conditions. The committee did eventually try to start several 52 races but abandoned each of them just before the start. In the 42 fleet we never even got into a sequence. Even so I think everyone is happy because they would rather have less good races than more bad races.

Tomorrows forecast has plenty of pressure late in the day. It looks like we’ll head out and probably try to get in 3 races. When the committee tries to rattle of 3 races it makes for tense times between the races. Usually you have at least 1 jib to pack, 2 spinnakers to wool and pack, a guy up the rig windspotting, people eating, etc. On the Roma we haven’t always been so disciplined in our management of the time between races so we’ll need to be on our toes today.

Outside the races I’ve had some time to catch up on correspondence, and to continue work on our latest version of FYD's Volvo Ocean Race proposal. We have some good tricks up our sleeves for the next Volvo race so the team is pretty excited. Stand by.

Patrick Shaughnessy