Welcome to the Medcup Portugal in Portimao

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Every time I return to a Medcup venue I am completely astounded by just how professional this event is. At each venue the event provides a hospitality area where we have; shade, air conditioning, food and drink, and all important internet access. On a day like today, which is race day 1 for the 52’s, and the practice race day for the 42’s, the tent is full of teams preparing for the day. The tables are surrounded by top level talent working on strategy for the day.

Our ROMA GP42 team is trying to bounce back from a less than stellar finish to the Sardegna event. We have our helmsman Paolo Cian back and are confident that we can make a good effort here. We need to focus on our starts and our prediction for the first shift so that we can make our lives a bit easier on the race course. We stand 3 points out of first for the Medcup overall and need to focus on the total event.

I’m returning to the crew as a pitman for this event after working as a coach in Sardegna. I only get one day practice after arriving late here as a result of a sales call in France on Monday. Even with plenty of practice time it’s a tough gig with the boat run in Italian. I need to be on my toes around the leeward gate as things can change quickly and with a fair amount of loud Italian emotion.
Stand by for an update after our practice race.

Patrick Shaughnessy